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i-Size Legislation







I-Size and longer rearfacing travel

Keep your younger passengers safe with the new i-Size compliant baby car seats. Providing longer rearward facing travel for baby, i-Size car seats provide optimal safety whilst in the car. 


What Is The i-Size Regulation?

‘i-Size’ (ECE R129) is the name of a new EU safety legislation that was established in July 2013.  Increasing the safety level of child car seats, it most notably states that babies must travel in rearward facing car seats for at least the first 15 months, instead of 9 to 12 months as the previous EU regulation advised. 

Introduced in 2013, the i-Size regulation also makes it easy for parents to securely fit their car seat into the almost any vehicle. All i-Size car seats will fit into any i-Size approved car with the maximum Euro NCAP rating. 

If you are using a rearward facing car seat under the current legislation ECE R44/04, you can still continue to use it. The new i-Size regulation does not replace existing car seat laws, it simply mean that you have several options available to you when buying a new car seat for your baby or toddler.



Are Rearward Facing Car Seats Safer?

Recent research has confirmed that babies are safer in a rearward facing seat. Up to the age of 15 months, a baby’s neck is not yet developed enough to withstand the forces of an average head-on collision. The excessive pressure on the neck of the baby might lead to serious neck injury, if secure travel is not provided. When travelling rearward facing, the forces of a head-on collision are better spread over a greater area of the body of the baby, leading to less pressure on the head and neck.

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Is The New i-Size Regulation Necessary?

In recent years, the safety of children in cars has improved. Unfortunately however, car accidents are still the leading cause of child fatalities in Europe. It is therefore important that regulations evolve to improve child safety in cars and vehicles.

Is My ECE R44/04 Approved Car Seat Still Safe? 

i-Size does not replace the current ECE R44/04 car seat legislation, but will run side by side with it for the foreseeable future. This means you do not need to upgrade your existing child car seat and car seats complying with ECE R44/04 may continue to be sold and used safely. The introduction of i-Size simply means that you now have an extra safe option when buying a car seat for your child.

The new i-Size regulation applies specifically to ISOFIX car seats, and the ECE R44/04 regulation for seat belt and ISOFIX installed seats will remain in place for a while. It is proposed that in the future, only ISOFIX based child seats will conform to the EU i-Size safety regulations.


Maxi-Cosi – Leading The Way In Car Seat Safety

Did you know that Maxi-Cosi helped develop the new EU i-Size regulation? Market leading manufacturers of child car seats, Maxi-Cosi helped to develop and define the new i-Size regulation for longer and safer rearfacing travel. Proposing ISOFIX support leg compatibility rules and side impact test procedures, Maxi-Cosi contributed to the new classification standards by supplying the results of a 3D measuring survey of more than 2,000 children.

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